NYC creative type. Sometimes DJ. Always a dad and husband. Spinning records is an escape for me. It helps me take a break from the feelings of everyday, or helps me express them, depending on how you look at it. I hope you enjoy. Live sessions happen on twitch - I . Some sets are also on Soundcloud: Enjoy.

04.10.21 Set

Kid Destroyer and Mervinator were joined by their Teenage daughters for a set that spans hip-hop, 80s alt, pop, classic rock, beats, and more beats. It's our party, and there was a whole lotta dancing going on!

04.03.21 Set

Just an hour of pure funk & soul, new school and old school.

03.31.21 Set

My Daughter, Dylan, joined me for her first stab at the wheels of steel. A little pop, a little beats, and just plain a fun little first walk in the park.

03.24.21 Set

Soul, indie, folk, trip hop, just all over the place.

03.20.21 Set

Just a quick set while i'm still messing with my new setup. All 80s, cause well. Sometimes that makes me happy.

03.06.21 Set

Went freeform a bit. Started with some hip-hop, including a track my 15-year-old daughter called out as totally inappropriate (ha, I'll let you guess which one. than moved into some latin-house and dancey remixes. Enjoy the listen....

02.27.21 Set

Benny Blanco in the house for a special set of new wave / post wave fun as hell dance music. Enjoy.

02.24.21 Set

Late night whiskey set. A little old school mood, and then some darker mo wax vibes... feel it out..

02.20.21 Set

All 80s Extravaganza with some extra Prince love for good luck. Enjoy!

02.14.21 Set with Benny BLanco (Blancodisco)

This is a mash up between Benny Blanco (blancodisco) - We went 2 tracks each, and then started going track to track. it's a fun little valentines day mash-up between friends.

02.13.21 Set

I fuck up in the first 5 min. Total record scratch. From there we dive into just some of my fave indie tracks. Sort of moody, sort of killer, and no filler whatsoever. hope you like!

02.06.21 Set

A fun journey through the 80s. Some dance, some new wave, some randoms.... but all fun. Enjoy!

02.04.21 Set

Late night. Blowing off some steam. Mostly dark and trippy, but fun. for me. Hopefully for you.

01.30.21 Set

Took me a little bit, but i'm back! First set of 2021. Started indie, fast-paced towards funk, dove off into the 80s. Fun and upbeat. Hope you enjoy!

12.12.20 Set

Um. This is a pretty bangin set. Starts slow, but then kinda takes off. Like my club experiences in the late 90s.... Hope you enjoy.


12.05.20 AM Set

Woke up this morning and wanted to spin an indie set. Sometimes sad, some soul, some groove, all unexpected.

11.28.20 Set

Started in the 80s, worked through some 90s hip-hop, and finished will some upbeat chems and such...


11.21.20 Set

Def more up beat for me in the jazzy, samba, house-y kinda way. Take a listen. Hope you like.


11.20.20 Set

Finishing up the work week with a fun hit filled pile of whoo hoo!


11.07.20 Set

Celebrating a great day in America. A newly elected president. It was time to party. Except for an early train wreck, it was a blast of a set. Hope you like.


11.03.20 Set

I wasn't sure what to do with myself on election night. So i played some funk. Some Soul. Some songs that made me mad, some that made me sad, and a few that made me shake my ass. All Soul. All emotion. And a really good showcase of what i was feeling right about then. Hope you like.


10.31.20 Set

This was a wake and play some abstract and low key beats kind of set. Hope you like.


10.17.20 Set

In the late 90s, my friends and I started a record label called Derailed. We never made much money, but it wasn’t about that. We put out a lot of music on vinyl, and dj’d together everywhere.

Next week we are putting out our first track in almost 20 years. The artist is 240PAS, and it is as catchy as anything we ever released.

I debuted it at around minute 74 in this set. Watch the set or download the .mp3 of the set below. The set is a slow build to a barnstormer of shake your ass dance floor music.

Pre-add the track to your preferred music service here:

And lastly, follow 240PAS on Instagram here:

We’ll have it on tik tok and others places very soon. Have some fun please and enjoy!


10.13.20 Set

Mostly New Soul into some indie slowed down stomp and holler. Playing with the new setup. Not for everyone, but maybe you'll like.


10.10.20 Set

Some funk. Some Soul. Some hip Hop, some beats, and some remixes. Still playing with setup and getting back to a groove. Hope you enjoy.


10.03.20 Set

Whoof. A bit rough of a start. Tried adding in some tracks off digital not just vinyl, and wow. still need to learn that better. Plus my sons friends called my ipad in the middle of a song. Was great. Once we got moving tho it was a fun little journey from funk and soul, through some 80s and into some beats. Wasn't my best set, but had some fun either way. Hope you like.


9.27.20 Set

Sunday Sunrise set. Plenty of abstract loveliness rounding out with some funky.... Artists include an early heavy up on Massive Attack/Mad Professor, DJ Krush and even more DJ Krush, diving down deep into some remixes with Bebel Geberto, Stereo MCs, Jazzanova, before landing on some St.Paul and The Broken Bones and Aretha Franklin.


9.19.20 Set

First set with the new setup. Updated graphics. More cameras, and a more pre-planned set. Started with some jazzy funky vibes and ventured over towards abstract Jazz, hip-hop, and soundscapes.


8.17.20 Set

Very Trip hop, Mo Wax, Ninja Tune and more. A trippy journey through abstract soundscapes.


8.08.20 Set

An eclectic Birthday Set spanning trip hop, acid jazz, funk, indie, and some other weirdness.


7.15.20 Set

Down-tempo. trippy beats, into funk and Stomp and Holler.


6.25.20 Set

Mostly indie, funk, and Stomp and Holler.